Normal Exceptions








This book was created in parallel to the homonymous exhibition, which took place at the Museo Jumex and showcased work produced in Mexico over the last twenty years, primarily belonging to the Jumex collection.

The purpose of the catalogue, which included over sixty works, was to use every two-page spread as open architecture, presenting the works, one after the other, as a barrage of obsessions and curiosities, emphasizing their most evocative side. Presented as a visual collage, it is divided by a series of notes that organize the works according to a specific theme and position in relation to each one’s concept, telling one or several stories.

This publication rather than the Normal Exceptions: Contemporary Art in Mexico exhibition catalogue is situated parallel to it, with details, notes, sketches, and other means of representing artists’ works in place of illustrations. At times, these images relate to the process of production, not the finished object. Presented as a continuous flow, visual echoes can be discerned and deciphered between them, asking the reader to construct their own narratives.

Kit Hammonds, Adriana Kuri Alamillo, Cindy Peña (Curators)

This publication is directly linked to the exhibition’s graphic identity and visual communication, allowing for the first time a change in visual representation that gives way to a “new” future for the museum’s upcoming shows.



Normal Exceptions:

Contemporary Art in México

Museo Jumex


Art Director

Maricris Herrera


Israel Hernández


Kit Hammons

Adriana Kuri Alamillo

Cindy Peña



18 x 26 cm

272 pages



Published by

Fundación Jumex Arte Contemporáneo



Image Concept

Miguel Calderón, The Whistleblowing Parrot, 2021. Normal Exceptions, published by Museo Jumex, 2021, pp. 24–27.

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