Based in Mexico City, Estudio Herrera was founded in 2015 by Maricris Herrera as a collaborative practice to explore the possibilities of design in the production of art and culture. In addition to being one of the leading graphic design studios in the country, their trajectory has earned them a spot in Mexico’s vibrant contemporary art scene through the books, spaces, graphic and visual identities they have developed.

Estudio Herrera provides services to private and public institutions, museums, and leaders in various fields. It also collaborates extensively with artists, curators, publishers, architects, and designers. With a commitment to communicate the set of values implicit in collaborative practice, they have managed to forge ongoing relationships with their clients.


Trained as an architect, Maricris Herrera strived for a more conceptual approach to her work, which gradually led her to find a graphic expression whose process was based on the understanding of the three-dimensional space. Under this premise, her design follows a cataloguing of contents and their positioning as an essential part of an invisible scaffolding supporting a visual narrative that inhabits a succession of spaces.

Because her practice is information-oriented—books, art, and culture—Maricris deliberately draws from a “lack of design”, allowing the contents to take on a form of their own instead of being determined by the design. In her own words, “My role as a graphic designer is to understand the information and know how to contain it.” Rather than creating new narratives on what has previously been conceptualized, Maricris’s work focuses on provoking experiences through textures, typographies, changes of paper, and the unexpected.

Alongside Estudio Herrera, Maricris is founder and director of Ediciones MP, a contemporary art publishing house that has allowed her to develop personal projects while actively challenging the production of books printed on paper. 




Maricris Herrera

Current Team

Israel Hernández
Andrea Volcán


Taro Cantú


Elena Morales

Former Team

Aida Cantú Artigas

Natalia Garza

Emilio Pérez

Fran Olvera

Santiago Martínez Alberú

Fernando Monroy

Emily Schlüter

Esteban Silva

Lia Speckman



Web Design

Santiago Martínez Alberú

Web Programming

Copyediting, Proofreading and Translations

Aida Cantú Artigas